The Best Helicopter Flight Helmets: Everything You Need to Know

The Best Helicopter Flight Helmets: Everything You Need to Know

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Choosing the right helicopter flight helmet is essential for your safety while in the air. Many different types of helmets are available on the market, and it can be challenging to decide which one is right for you. This blog post will discuss the different types of helicopter flight helmets available and provide you with everything you need to know before purchasing. 

The Importance of Flight Helmets 

A helmet is one of the most essential safety gear for any pilot, which is especially true for helicopter pilots. Helicopters are unique aircraft requiring pilots to have a higher level of situational awareness than other aircraft types. This awareness is needed because helicopters fly at lower altitudes and speeds, making it difficult to see and avoid obstacles. A pilot must contend with many different factors while flying a helicopter, and a helmet can help to provide them with the protection they need, whether interference comes from debris, glare, or even a bird strike. 

EVO 052 

The EVO 052 flight helmet is the gold standard in the aviation industry. Every EVO 052 helmet is lightweight and custom-made to your specifications to ensure comfort. The helmet comes in your choice of color with an internal lens and a High or Low impedance communications headset. You also have various customization options to ensure that your EVO 052 helmet is perfect for you. These options include: 

  • Helmet size (21-22" medium to XL 24 and up) 
  • Color (certain colors like FBI Grey and Caution Orange have a surcharge) 
  • Helmet finish (gloss, matte, or metallic)
  • Lens color (colors other than clear, grey, and yellow have a surcharge) 
  • NVG options (pins, adapters, and interfaces, all have a surcharge) 
  • Impedance (Civilian/High, Low/Military) 

  • Communication cable (straight or coiled for helicopter or airplane) 
  • Cable Mounting Options (10" Pigtail (Egress) or Hard Wired (no disconnect) 

  • Microphone (Electret - David Clark, M-87 5/75/150 OHM Military, high noise mic cover, and flex boom have a surcharge)
  • Mic lite/Lit lite (ML-8 or ML-14) 
  • Additional options (volume control, flex boom, skull cap, dual impedance switch, Bluetooth for helicopter, airplane, or Sena 50R, Sun Peak, and EVO Maxillo Faceshield) 
  • Additional hearing protection (CEP/CME Interface only, CEP KIT Complete, CME Kit (required ear molds to be mailed in), ANR - Bose A20 w/Bluetooth select communication cable, installed customer-supplied Bose A20 (requires a headset to be mailed in)) 
  • Helmet bag color (HD black canvas bag comes with a surcharge) 
  • Name/lettering on the back of the helmet (comes with surcharge) 
  • Select color for name/lettering on the back of the helmet