If you've been wondering what kind of life vest is best for your occupation, you're not alone!  

When it comes to life jackets, there are lots of varieties to choose from. Each one offers something different in style and performance.  

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The Purpose of a Life Vest   

Not only do life vests have an important role in water-related activities, providing support and protection, but they also come in different styles.  

Life jackets feature straps and buckles to ensure you stay afloat while in the water, making it easier to swim or tread water.  

The purpose of a life jacket is to keep one afloat while remaining face-up. This helps to protect the person in it and prevents any water from getting into the mouth or nostrils.  

As a pilot, you understand how a life jacket works, but what about the person in it?  

You'll be able to achieve peace of mind knowing that you will remain safe when in water, either while training or wading for survival. 

Different Life Vests for Different Purposes

Life vests are designed for a variety of activities and climates. Depending on what type of activity you plan to do, you'll want to make sure you pick the right life jacket.  

There are different styles; some are designed for a crew member on a boat, and there are jackets designed specifically for pilots. 

It's essential that life jackets fit snugly so that they can provide adequate buoyancy.  

Here are some examples of life jackets that AVI Survival LLC carries: 

Common Mistakes Made When putting on a Life Vest 

Wearing a life vest isn't exactly hard, but it's essential to make sure you're wearing it correctly.  

Here are tips on how to wear them correctly: 

  • They should fit snugly  
  • Life jackets should not shift while worn 
  • Ensure the straps are pulled tight  
  • The zipper should be all the way up 
  • Belly straps should be securely fastened 

Common mistakes people make when wearing their life vests include:      

  • Not properly sized  
  • Leaving straps loose or hanging 
  • Forgetting to zip up 

It's beneficial to practice putting on your life vest in shallow water prior to using it. This could help in a real-life situation.  

Keeping Your Life Vest Last Longer  

Taking care of your life vest is key to its preservation. Little things, such as cleaning the jacket's straps to remove saltwater and other substances, can make yours last longer.  

Your life jacket will last longer if you follow these simple tips: 

  • Spot-clean any spills or messes  
  • Hang the jacket to dry completely after use
  • Store your life vest in a cool, dry place  
  • Routinely check all buckles, zippers, and seams for signs of wear  

Reasons to Wear a Life Vest

A life vest can act as a flotation device both inside and outside of the water.  

Whether it's keeping an injured person afloat until help arrives, they may prove to be invaluable in many scenarios. 

It's always best to keep one on hand, no matter the situation, just in case you ever find yourself needing one outside or in the water.  

Benefits of a Life Vest

A life vest could save your life in most scenarios. Life jackets are essential for anyone who spends time on or near the water. 

This includes:   

  • Pilots 
  • Military personnel  
  • Air force personnel  
  • Civilians 

Here are just a few of the benefits of wearing a life vest:  

  1. Keeps you afloat
  2. Helps to prevent hypothermia  
  3. Provides buoyancy and support  
  4. Increases your visibility in the water 
  5. Give you peace of mind knowing there's a chance of survival 

If you're planning on spending any amount of time in the water, don't forget to bring along a life jacket for protection. 

Life vests are essential components for military, airline pilots, and civilians as their function is to protect and secure.  

Check out Aviation Survival LLC for quality products that can possibly save a life one day!  

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