How Can Anti Exposure Suits Save Your Life? 

No pilot wants to be stranded offshore, but if you fly over water, then it is always a possibility. If this happens, your priorities are to stay warm, dry, buoyant, and visible until help arrives. What is the best way to achieve this? Anti Exposure suits. Let AVI Aviation Survival guide you on how to stay alive in the event of a water landing. 

What Is An Anti Exposure Suit? 

An anti exposure suit (sometimes also called an exposure suit) is clothing designed to protect the wearer from extreme environments. There are many different kinds of anti exposure suits, including wetsuits, hazmat suits, and even space suits. Our focus is on anti exposure suits designed to keep aircraft passengers and crew alive and afloat in the event of an emergency at sea. By definition, an anti exposure suit for maritime use must provide at least 70 Newtons of buoyancy and be made of material that minimizes heat stress. They must be capable of turning a person over in the water (from facedown to face up) in no more than five seconds.

What Are the Other Features of Anti Exposure Suits? 


Anti exposure suits are usually made from neoprene. This construction is because this type of rubber is completely waterproof and offers good protection against fire and heat. They usually come in orange or red. This color choice is because these bright colors stand out in the water to attract the attention of rescuers. 


All anti exposure suits are designed to be buoyant. This buoyancy is critically vital in rough seas and when survivors must wait for extended periods for rescue to arrive. Keeping your head above water will tire even strong men, even more so if the conditions are extreme. Since the anti exposure suit provides flotation, the wearer only has to expend minimal energy to keep themselves upright. Thermal Protection 

Hypothermia is the number one killer of stranded persons in the water. Hypothermia can cause confusion and hallucinations and even stop your heart, which can easily be lethal while stranded in the water. Exposure to frigid waters can cause hypothermia to develop in minutes. This freezing water is the primary reason anti exposure suits are so important. Anti exposure suits have waterproof membranes to keep survivors as dry as possible. For this purpose, anti exposure suits cover the entire body except for the face. Even after being damaged or punctured, the suits are designed to maintain buoyancy and keep water away from your body. For this reason, the best anti exposure suits are custom-made to fit the wearer. 

Why Are They Custom Made? 

To work correctly, an anti exposure suit must conform to your body perfectly. This close fit requires measurements of chest size, hip, sitting inseam, sleeve length, and neck size. Customization is also needed to prevent discomfort in the case of suits that are too small and danger in the case of suits that are too large. An anti exposure suit that is too big for you could end up trapping you inside of it while still letting in water from the head hole. 

Maintain Your Anti Exposure Suit! 

Anti exposure suits only work well if they are correctly stored and maintained. They are often stowed haphazardly and not inspected regularly because most owners do not use them frequently. However, this can be dangerous. Petroleum products and saltwater exposure can corrode the suit, and salt deposits can render zippers unusable. However, frequent use of an anti exposure suit carries its dangers. Heavy use can stress material seams, wear through waterproof membranes, stretch seals, and allow suits to be penetrated or torn. If you don’t repair this damage, it can cause a severe lessening of the protection offered by the suit. Therefore, maintaining your suit is just as important as having it custom-made.

Get Your Anti Exposure Suits From AVI Aviation Survival 

At AVI Aviation Survival, we know that safety for pilots and passengers is your number one priority. With decades of experience in the aviation industry and our custom anti exposure suits offerings, you can rest assured that our equipment will protect you even in the harshest conditions. Survival equipment is one area where you should not skimp on costs or cut corners. So, go with the brand that you can trust. Go with AVI Aviation Survival.