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Cotton Skull Cap - One Size Fits All
UD Skull Cap

Cotton Skull Cap - One Size Fits All

Part Number: AVS-942
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Need an easy way to help keep your helmet clean? Get one of AVI Survival’s pilot skull caps! Italian Made by United Designs, the cotton skull cap is a One-Size-Fits-All cap that is made from authentic Italian cotton. Don’t worry about shrinkage either, as our cotton skull caps are washable and durable against wear and tear! Skull caps are commonly used with helmets to keep the helmet clean from oil and sweat. At the low price of $22, we recommend buying multiple skull caps to rotate in and out of. United Designs developed this cap for military pilots in the Middle East and is considered to be the best skull cap on the market. Don’t worry about adjusting your helmet or glasses to accommodate the cap, as you will be able to slip other articles on and off easily. You wouldn’t settle for a helmet, so why should you settle for a skull cap? Get ours today!

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