Learn How to Get The Proper Aviation Helmet Measurements for The Best Fit 

When it comes to flight helmets, you want the best fit possible. A flight helmet that fits you snugly isn't just more comfortable. A fitting aviation helmet is also necessary to adequately protect your head. But how do you get the correct measurements for your flight helmet? AVI Aviation Survival is here to help. Consult our post below for guidelines. 

How do I Figure Out My Helmet Size? 

There are a few ways you can determine your helmet size. The first is to measure your head with a tape measure. Start from the very top of your head, about an inch above your eyebrows. Then, wrap the tape measure around your head, keeping it level as you go. Measure the widest area of the head by wrapping the tape in line with the temples, then on the rear of the skull, and again towards the forehead. 

Ensure not to pull too tight- the tape measure should be snug but not constricting. Take your measurement without rounding up or down; your measurement should be precise. Once you have your measurement, consult the sizing chart for the specific aviation helmet you're interested in to find the corresponding size. 

What if My Measurements Aren't Exact? 

Your measurement may be between sizes, or you may be unsure if you have done your measurements correctly. If this is the case, try wearing a helmet the next size category down. The helmet you wear will start adjusting to the contours of your head after having it on for a few hours. This factor means that a helmet that feels too tight when you first start wearing it may end up too large for you after you have been wearing it for a few weeks, making it a safety hazard. You may also swap out the helmet liner for the liner of a larger or smaller-sized helmet to better fit your head. Ideally, you will find a perfect fit. 

When You Have the Aviation Helmet On 

When you have the helmet on, you should be able to look up and see the very edge of the brim. If you cannot, then the helmet is too large for you. The helmet straps should form a "Y" shape just below your ears when fastened. The point of the "Y" should sit at the top of your tragus, which is the small protrusion in front of your ear canal. If the "Y" falls below your tragus, the helmet is too large for you. Conversely, the helmet is too small for you if the straps are so tight that they push on your temples or jaw.