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NVG Low Profile Battery Pack Mount

Part Number: AVI-1648
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<h2>NVG Low Profile Battery Pack Helmet Mount</h2>
<p>Helicopter Helmet's low profile NVG battery
pack mount provides a sleek, stable and secure platform for the
attachment of your NVG battery box to the back of your helmet.  Our low
profile NVG battery mount is made of Plastic and weighs only 10 grams. The low profile mount attaches
to the back of the helmet eliminating the need for messy and unstable
hook & pile Velcro to secure your battery pack.<br></p>
<p>Installation requires drilling two holes on center back of helmet <br></p>
<p>Mounting kit includes: Low Profile Battery pack mount, two 8-32 screws, two 8-32 T-nuts and die cut rubber pad.<br></p>

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