Night vision goggles (NVGs) are an essential piece of any helicopter pilot's gear. They are necessary for low-visibility situations, as they allow the pilot to see details they wouldn't have usually been able to discern. 

NVGs turn typically-monochrome nighttime vision into sharp, focused imagery, allowing for precision at night or in other situations where reduced visibility has occurred.

Essential Features of Night Vision

  • Allows a user to see sharper details than normal

  • Works best in low-visibility or low-light situations

  • Converts imagery from monochrome to green for enhanced vision

  • Pilots can use it to pick up previously undetected details

NVGs are often referred to as image intensifiers because that's what they do. Using the minuscule amount of light available at night, such as moonlight, they intensify the image enough that a user's eyes can make out small details. 

Pilots prefer to use these goggles when flying at night, as they provide the ability to see small details on both the ground and in the air. 

There is no doubt that NVGs are essential. Their numerous applications have made night flying and reduced-visibility flight more straightforward and effective for pilots. Since this equipment is both expensive and effective, finding the proper accessories and storage is crucial. 

Features of NVG Accessories

Accessories can make NVGs even more effective than usual, allowing users to get more longevity out of the product. 

Accessories can help make NVGs more effective by:

  • Allowing for easy storage and usage of auxiliary power

  • Providing effective transport methods for the NVGs

  • Making storage and transport damage-free

NVGs can be heavy, so some accessories can help mitigate the extra weight of the goggles and battery packs. Additionally, pins and racks can help to more effectively mount the NVGs, which allows the user to focus more on combat and flight.

Proper storage is just as important as having the right accessories for your NVGs. Users that store their NVGs effectively will increase the product's longevity and effectiveness. Storage is an easy way to reduce damage to NVGs if they are frequently used. 

Secure storage options can prevent the equipment from sliding around the cockpit, providing a user with the ability to store additional accessories and battery packs all in one location. 

Below we've outlined some of our best NVG accessories. These accessories allow pilots to get the most out of their night-vision products, increasing a user's overall efficiency in both battle and flight.

Battery Packs 

An essential accessory for any helicopter pilot's NVG set, our Low Profile Battery Packs provide auxiliary power to the overall unit. They can be attached to a helmet with either Hook and Loop attachments or a battery mount, making the battery pack easy to transport and store. 

We offer two low-profile options on our site:

  • Adams Rugged Low Profile Battery Pack

  • Low Profile NVG Battery Pack

Carry Cases 

Perfectly designed to fit an NVG, its manuals, and additional accessories, our ANVIS Night Vision Green Carrying Case allows users to transport and store their products easily. 

This case is firm when filled with accessories, allowing for easy, damage-free storage. It is 8" long, 5.5" wide, and 6.5" in height.

There are numerous pockets inside the carrying case, which allows for the storage of multiple components. One bag can fit all of the following objects:

  • NVG

  • Battery packs

  • Instruction manuals

  • Cleaning kits

  • Other small accessories  

Helmet Mounts

If a user's NVG needs additional support or further adjustments, a helmet or visor mount might be necessary. A proper mount can ensure that a user's NVG stays aligned with their eyes. Also, it can ensure that additional accessories stay in place.

Our site has various mounts to choose from, depending on what type of NVG or accessory a user is trying to mount. Our mount products come in a variety of colors and styles for various situations and applications.

Find Out More About Our Products

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