How do Flight Suits Improve Safety?

Today's flight suits are primarily made of a fire-resistant fabric that helps a pilot to escape injury in the event of a crash or a refueling incident.

Developing a Safety-First Approach

In the 21st century, safety encompasses all aspects of everyday life. Safety is the hallmark of integrity in any business and the aviation industry is no exception. Due to their fire-resistant qualities, flight suits are often required for pilots with a higher accident risk. Nomex is a material commonly used for making high-quality flight suits.

Originally developed by Dupont in the 1960s, Nomex has truly become a household name. Low-quality suits usually consist of a mixture of materials. In response to a large number of race car drivers who died from intense heat or burns caused by accidents, DuPont started developing fire-resistant clothing. To ensure that Nomex offers the greatest protection from flames, chemicals, and extreme temperatures, Nomex has been continually tested and updated since its founding. The CWU 27 /p flight suit is perfectly optimized to protect the human body from damage. Nomex is made from 92% bullet proof Kevlar and anti-static fiber. The remaining 8% is comprised of other materials, butt he quality of these suits truly exceeds the standards for fire-retardant clothing. This is why the US Military chooses Nomex flight suits when equipping its pilots. They choose safety first and Nomex knows all about it. But the suits are not reserved exclusively for pilots though. Realizing the potential of this highly protective material, the US Military can also outfit overseas ground troops with Nomex suits to protect from any harsh environments they may happen to encounter.

What is Nomex made of? Nomex is engineered from synthetic aromatic polyamide polymers, creating extensive chains of highly durable fibers. Although many only know polymers to be plastics, there are other forms of them that can make material such as Nomex. During manufacturing, Nomex is produced as either large sheets of fabric or as individual fibers that are subsequently woven into a fully fire-resistant cloth. These fabrics lie at the center of what makes Nomex so adept at protecting pilots against fire. Material made from Nomex can catch aflame, like many other fabrics, but that’s where it stops! Unlike other materials, Nomex extinguishes itself. When a part of the suit is charred or enflamed, the heat will not harm the rest of the suit. Even more significantly; protecting the person wearing it. If the suit does happen to catch alight, an additional layer of protection has been added to combat this. That is, when the Nomex suit is burning, its fibers absorb the heat and swell, adding a layer of insulation between the wearer’s skin and the heat.

Heat Resistant

Nomex is produced as either large sheets of fabric or as individual fibers that are subsequently woven into a fully fire-resistant cloth. Nomex extinguishes itself. When a part of the suit is charred or enflamed, the heat will not harm the rest of the suit.

NIR Compliant

NIR-Compliance refers to a unique type of fabric that is used to manufacture military uniforms. This cloth has been developed to mimic the same radiation level as your surroundings. This should hide you from infrared technology.

Why Do Flight Suits Have So Many Pockets?

We've seen plenty of blog articles and topics talking about the amount of pockets a Nomex suit has. A classic Nomex flight suit has 8 pockets and 2 pen holders. If you thought that was an adequate amount, the newer models of flight suits have 17 pockets and 9 pen holders. Yes! You read that right! Numerous pockets provide ample storage for pilots who are always on the go, always traveling or in survival situations or just need extra space to pack for their trip. For pilots who provide military based services, this is a perfect addition to find places for your pocket knife, N95 mask or even a snack. Many pilots truly enjoy this harmonious balance between survival and storage. Being able to store a N95 mask when you're working in a high risk disease controlled area or a set of nitrite gloves to protect you from unwanted liquids and materials can be crucial to a pilots safety and survival. There are plenty of objects that can fit and be stored in Nomex flight suits array of pockets. This is what keeps the Nomex flight suits functional, reliable and forever focused on sustainable survival techniques and practices.

These are a few of the pockets you can expect to find on your Nomex Flight Suit:

  • Zipper chest pockets
  • Zipper thigh pockets
  • Zipper leg pockets
  • Zipper sleeve pocket
  • Knife pocket
  • Pleated action back
  • Hook & loop sleeve tabs
  • Two-way front zipper (for men's suits)

Are Flight Suits a Uniform?

Traditionally, flight suits were required in order to differentiate military personnel from flying personnel. The same goes similarly for a pilot who runs an international flight plane. These function amazingly as uniforms, but that's not their only purpose and using them is optional. Nomex flight suits are approved for military use and offer a plethora of wonderful safety benefits. A typical Nomex flight suit would be safe and flame resistant to Nomex perfection. They are also NIR Compliant and provide a sleek, comfortable and breathable design. The flight suits are easily adjusted and customizable so it can fit like a glove. There is an adjustable waist belt, two way zipper and plenty of pockets to fill to your desire. The suits are produced to be durable, fade resistant and the one piece garment truly upholds its legacy in protecting pilots from the inside out.

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