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Carbon Pill Inflator (1701 kit) SECUMATIC 3001S

Carbon Pill Inflator (1701 kit) SECUMATIC 3001S

Part Number: AVS-2319
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Part number - 1701 Kit

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How does an automatic inflator in a lifejacket work?

SECUMAR lifejackets are equipped with the fully automatic inflation device SECUMATIC 3001 S that inflates the lifejacket without any action required by the wearer. This very sensitive “heart” of the lifejacket is actuated by a tiny pill that dissolves when in contact with water, releasing thereby a lever system so that the CO2 can discharge into the buoyancy chamber. The life of men in distress may depend on the reliability of this inflator.

Automatic inflator with red/green indicators!

It is of great importance that the user of this device is familiar with it, that he is able to check if it is ready for service and can rearm it. To meet the stringent requirements of the US Coast Guard approval for the US market, the SECUMATIC 3001 S inflator has been designed with a new traffic light indicator, which is now also available in Europe. The green indicators switch to “red” if the device is not ready for service. The status of the device is indicated either by “green” for “o.k.”, or red for “stop!”. So, at one glance, you are able to determine the status of your inflator.

In SECUMAR lifejackets only:
SECUMATIC 3001 S with threefold red – green indicator

The new generation of patented inflation devices with this outstanding feature is available in SECUMAR lifejackets only! They are the result of 40 years of expertise and experience in the development of lifejackets and inflation devices. The unique torque proof CO2 cylinder guarantees the reliable and tight fit that is required for a reliable inflation. The securing pin of the manual release breaks away after use so that the lifejacket must be reloaded for service again with a new cylinder and a new pin. A missing cylinder or pin would make the indicators show “red”. Operating mistakes with the SECUMATIC 3001 S can hardly occur.

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