Collins Aerospace has been a leader in global technological solutions for the aerospace and defense industry for over 75 years. One of their divisions, Winslow Aviation, specializes in crafting some of the finest emergency inflatable life rafts for marine and aviation.

 With access to the latest technology invented by expert engineers, Winslow Aviation can ensure that their life rafts are safe and effective no matter the situation. Why not take a trip down the river with some friends this summer? 

What Do Winslow Life Rafts Contain? 

Winslow rafts include standard equipment to ensure safety and security in tough times. Every feature included in the raft is vital for keeping you safe during unexpected situations. All FACOM commercial airline life rafts include: 

  •  A lightweight canopy is used to ensure that you are protected from exposure to the sun, wind, and rain. Being potentially stranded is already scary and nerve-wracking as is; as a result, this canopy is used as a shield and gives you the comfort needed.  
  •  Exterior water-activated locator lights are potent lights included to permit you to see the life raft as soon as it touches the water in case you find yourself positioning the raft in the dark. The power of these lights allows them to be spotted from a long distance.  
  •  A water collection system is essential for your survival as it stores away all the rainwater. This is a crucial part of the raft, as water is necessary for survival. 
  • The four rung boarding ladder at the front and rear with two bowled-out assist handles make it simple for getting into your life raft. 

There is no need to hassle with frivolous and unnecessary features you may not need. At Winslow, we focus on the essentials that will make all the difference when it comes to your safety. Believe us when we say our airline life rafts contain everything you need. You can learn about other features from Winslow Airline Crafts by speaking to one of our experts today at (321) 821-4724 or visiting our website. 

Types of Winslow Airline Life Rafts  

There are four different Winslow Airline Life Raft products that we offer: 

  • Winslow 25-38 Person CNUL Commercial Airline Type One Life Raft 
  • Winslow 36-54 Person CNUL Commercial Airline Type One Life Raft 
  • Winslow 46-69 Person CNUL Commercial Airline Type One Life Raft 
  • Winslow 56-84 Person CNUL Commercial Airline Type One Life Raft

Now it's time to plan a summer trip down the river with some friends. You'll be more than happy with our selection of commercial rafts that fit from 25 to 84 persons. We have something that will meet your needs!