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WIJAC Wireless Intercom System - 4 Place
wiJAC intercom system

WIJAC Wireless Intercom System - 4 Place

Part Number: AV1730
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WIJAC Wireless Intercom System - Stand-Alone (non-aircraft)
The wiJAC-Pxx system is a Stand-Alone Wireless Intercom System for up to five users and provides a wireless full-duplex, hands-free audio network. The components connect to standard aircraft headsets and attach to the users' belts, allowing operators free movement. Adapters are available for different headset connector styles and impedances.

Communications range is typically 100 meters (200 meters for European model). The system features only essential controls to ensure ease of operation. (VOX and Volume control knobs, and On/Off and PTT buttons)

The wiJAC-Pxx system is designed to operate independently and does not use any aircraft audio connections.

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