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Switlik U-ZIP-IT Suit w/ Socks and Winter Liner
Switlik U-Zip-It Aircrew Flight Suit

Switlik U-ZIP-IT Suit w/ Socks and Winter Liner

Part Number: AVS-1229
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P/N: S-3320-6Y7

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  The U-ZIP-IT
The dry-suit you can wear all-day long.

"The U-Zip-It™ is a breathable, fire resistant dry suit which provides ultimate comfort and mobility for aviators, along with the highest level of cold water immersion protection. The low slung zipper makes donning easier than standard designs and the articulating elbow and knee patches significantly improves movement – in and out of the aircraft." - Vertical Mag.

  The most comfortable dry-suit, ever.
  It's all about the zipper.
The unique U-Zip-It™ low slung entry zipper design provides ease of donning, unassisted zipper closure, enhanced comfort, and freedom of movement. In dry-suits, the zipper placement dictates comfort. The design of the U-ZIP-IT™ dry-suit was based around allowing the user to make any necessary movement with zero interference with the zipper, creating the most comfortable dry-suit.


  Advanced technical patterns provide you with full mobility, because you need it.

The U-Zip-It's articulated knee, seat and elbows are constructed of highly abrasion resistant, heavy duty Nomex®/Kevlar® ripstop fabric providing endless mobility and durability during the most challenging of tasks.


   A perfect fit, made just for you. We'll make sure you'll be comfortable all day.

Each suit is custom tailored to fit you perfectly. This includes measurements of chest size, hip, sitting inseam, sleeve length, and neck size. Following our simple measuring instructions we are able to reproduce a fully customized suit. In addition each suit comes with installed CWU-75P stretch PTFE breathable laminate socks that keep your feet dry and are easy to slip into any footwear.

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