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Steiner - M50r Military 10x50r Binoculars

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When tactical operations take place in challenging conditions – and they always do – these are the optics to count on. Proven on missions from extreme darkness to high-altitude sun, arctic cold to desert heat, they give you exactly the optical capabilities you need: mid-90% light transmission, image clarity from edge to edge, belly crawling toughness, even integrated compass, range-finding or custom reticles, and laser protection if desired. When your mission demands optical superiority, now you have it.

Ideal for open terrain and mountainous or hilly country. Equipped with a mil ranging reticle, this warrior saw heavy use in the middle east.

  •     Magnification 10x
  •     Weight 35.3 oz
  •     Width 8.1
  •     Height 5.0
  •     Item no. 536

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