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Steiner - M30r Military 8x30r Binoculars

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Steiner’s Military Series 8x30 is the standard binocular of many armies in the world. The Military Series binoculars are built to stringent military specifications, ruggedly designed for the fiercest conflicts and toughest environments, and have earned a reputation for performance and durability in countless tactical applications under extreme conditions. No binocular has proven its worth to so many troops in urgent situations. You, your men, and your mission deserve nothing less.

Light and easy to handle, with high definition lenses for bright images and a wide field of view for steady viewing, even on moving vehicles. Identical to the 8x30 but adds a precision mil radian ranging reticle.

  •     Magnification 8x
  •     Weight 18.7 oz
  •     Width 6.7
  •     Height 4.2
  •     Item no. 481

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