Plan Ahead With an Emergency Food Supply

Plan Ahead With an Emergency Food Supply

One of the common factors for survival in any condition or situation is a source of nourishment. A great way to plan ahead for these uncertain and unpredictable situations is to pack an emergency food supply of survival rations and water.

A Combination Requirement

Digestion requires water, so it's good to have both food and water in your survival supplies when you pack for whatever type of travel you do, whether by air, land, or sea. As long you have enough of the basics, you can use survival skills to make up for longer periods of surviving.

Emergency Food Supply is Essential for Survival

Finding food is essential for your survival. Fishing, seabirds, seaweed, and plants are usually primary sources for locating the needed nourishment to keep going when you're in survival mode. Hunting may not be an easy task if you're the "city clicker" type or never held a rifle or even a bow and arrow in your life. If you're a country person, you may have some skill, and if you have any military training or experience, then you'll have an advantage.

Water Everywhere?

Even though food is important, your body can survive for a while without eating. Locating clean, uncontaminated water is the grand element of survival. In normal climates, collect & store rainwater for later. If you're in a cold climate, you can also collect and melt clean untouched snow for a water source. For areas where ice is the only option, if you don't have a knife or other sharp tool, find a good shaped rock in order to break off small chunks of the ice to melt. If you happened to have packed a water testing kit, this will help a lot in testing your water source.

The Prepared Conclusion

Being prepared and having basic skills for surviving in any condition is paramount. So before you embark on a trip that could be potentially dangerous, plan ahead with the proper survival gear that might brighten up your spirit in any survival situation. Make sure you have enough emergency food supply rations and water to get you through until help arrives. And if you should run out, these tips will help you find the food and water to continue surviving.

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