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Personal Restraint Tether with Decelerator

Part Number: AV1077
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The Decelerator Personal Restraint Tether (PRT) is meant to keep crewmembers safely retained inside the aircraft. Unlike similar products, our unique Decelerator PRT is designed to gradually reduce the shock force that is exerted on the crewmember as the tether pulls tight in the event of a fall.

Double-action locking swivel hook attaches to airframe

MS22017-1 Ejector Snap for attachment to crewmember (Other optional hardware available)

Adjustable length: 2-1/2 ft. to 11-1/2 ft.

Compatible with all crewmember vests and harnesses and all standard airframes

PN: AMTC-S1119-FG (foliage green) & AMTC-S1119-BL (black)

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