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Pains Wessex Offshore Distress Kit
Offshore Distress Kit

Pains Wessex Offshore Distress Kit

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Pains Wessex is world renowned for their superior quality pyrotechnics. Producing pyrotechnic distress signals for over 100 years, their reliability and advanced technology is respected throughout the marine industry as the brand you can trust. Pains Wessex pyrotechnics are up to 30 times brighter than its competition. These pyrotechnic distress signals conform to global specifications and are approved by the United States Coast Guard.

Designed for use when sailing more than 7 miles from land
Will pinpoint your position by day or night
Supplied in a tough, buoyant, waterproof, wide-mouth poly bottle

The Pains Wessex Offshore Distress Kit is suitable for use on commercial and recreational boats that travel more than seven miles offshore.

Packed in a 12-litre Poly Bottle, Offshore Distress Kits include:

  • 4 Red Handflares;
  • 4 Parachute Red Rockets; and
  • 2 Lifesmokes.

Haz Mat Fees Apply to this Kit


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