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Mustang Survival Water Rescue Kit MRK110

Mustang Survival Water Rescue Kit MRK110

Part Number: AVS-966
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Man Overboard Kit or used as shoreline rescue kit. Includes PFD, 75' Rope and One Rescue Stick in an easy to carry case. MRK 110

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Mustang Water Rescue Kit MRK110

You're first on the scene. There are the victims in the water and time is running out...what can you do?

The first person on the scene is not always equipped to execute a safe water rescue. Without the proper equipment and training, the first responder may not be able to execute a safe rescue, greatly reducing the probability of the victim's survival. In an emergency, seconds count.

The Mustang Survival Water Rescue Kit contains everything the first responder needs to conduct a basic emergency water rescue: an inflatable PFD to protect the rescuer, a Rescue Stick(TM) to stabilize the victim and a throw bag to retrieve the victim all in a heavy duty storage case. Complete with quick reference instruction sheet and dessicant.
MRK110 Mustang Survival Water Rescue Kit contains:

MD3025 Inflatable Belt Pack PFD - protect yourself
The basic requirement of water rescue is self protection. Although the rescuer does not plan to enter the water, if the unexpected happens being prepared keeps the rescuer from becoming a victim. The MRK110 Water Rescue Kit includes the MD3025 Belt Pack Inflatable PFD which must be manually inflated once in the water. The MD3025 is USCG Approved V.

MRD100 Rescue Stick™ - stabilize the victim
Incredibly easy to use, the Rescue Stick™ provides rapid flotation assistance allowing rescuers to quickly and easily stabilize the victim. A stabilized and calm victim can more confidently aid in self rescue. Easily thrown over 100' with accuracy, simply remove the Rescue Stick™ from the Water Rescue Kit and throw near the victim. Once contact is made with the water it inflates in seconds to a large horseshoe shape with handles, keeping them afloat and their head above water, giving the rescuer the time necessary to aid the victim to safety. With 35lb of buoyancy, the Rescue Stick™ has the ability to provide emergency flotation for multiple victims.

Throw Bag - Retrieve the Victim
The highly visible and durable throw bag allows the rescuer to quickly retrieve the victim. Once the victim has been supported by the inflated Rescue Stick™, the bag should be thrown beyond the victim and pulled back allowing the victim to reach the rope and be pulled in to complete the rescue. The throw bag consists of a heavy duty buoyant bag and 50 feet of floating rope.

Protective Storage Case
The customized heavy duty drop tested, impact resistant, air and water tight protective case is easy to open in an emergency and is equipped with a pressure relief valve. The case meets Military, ATA and federal specifications.

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