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Mustang MSF750 Constant Wear Aviation Survival Suit
Mustang MSF750 Constant Wear Aviation Survival Suit

Mustang MSF750 Constant Wear Aviation Survival Suit

Part Number: AVS-619
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Model :: MSF750

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Flight Commander II Suit for Helicopter Passenger Transport and Oil Rig Platforms

MSF750 - Mustang's MSF750 Constant Wear Aviation Dry Suit provides protection from hypothermia (when worn in conjunction with an insulating thermal undergarment) and is intended for use by air crews engaged in over water operations. The moisture vapor permeability characteristics of the suit reduce heat stress, providing greater operational efficiency for the wearer.

The MSF750 is a one piece design fitted with high stretch, soft latex seals at the neck and wrists. Seals are replaceable by technicians at the unit level. The generous cut of the suit allows room for an anti-G suit to be worn underneath the garment and a pass-through option to permit connection of the anti-G suit hose without leakage. Orders can be customized to accommodate various connectors and seals for anti-G garments, partial pressure breathing and active cooling systems.

Self donning is facilitated by a unique yoke style waterproof entry zipper. The design minimizes pressure point discomfort and maximizes compatibility with other operational equipment. It also allows for partial doffing of the collar section when the flyers are in 'stand-by' mode.

A urinary relief waterproof zipper is provided. A full set of pocketry eliminates the need for a conventional flight suit to be worn over the MSF750, thereby further reducing encumbrance to the wearer.

Waterproof moisture vapor permeable stretch socks are provided with the suit. These socks are normally fitted by technicians at the unit level to ensure correct sizing. If required, Mustang Survival will provide suits with socks attached.

**The MSF750 Flight Commander II Flight Suit is built to order, non-stocking item.

Conforms to Mil. Spec. MIL-C-85637

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