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Mustang MAC300 Advanced Constant Wear Aviation Survival Suit
Mustang MAC300

Mustang MAC300 Advanced Constant Wear Aviation Survival Suit

Part Number: AVS-395
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The Mustang MAC300 Flight Suit:

Mustang has created our most advanced Constant Wear Aviation Survival System yet.  The Mustang MAC300 Flight Suits modular design integrates the "best of" features found in our MAC200 and MSD900 to reduce over all weight and bulk, improve the donning and doffing through an innovative entry system, and provide a wider array of sizes.
MAC300 is a three-piece integrated garment that reduces heat stress in the cockpit, and protect against flame, immersion, and hypothermia hazards, whether on land, in the air or in the water.  There is a CCSTM Closed Comfort System adjustable neck seal, and redesigned neoprene wrist seals, which improves the comfort of flight crews during extended missions.  They have a proven durability which results in an extended service-life when compared to that of traditional latex neck and wrist seals used by other manufacturers of traditional dry suits. 
The 3 piece modular design of the MAC300 makes repair of replacement of any component an easy task
  1.   Outer Shell
    • Constructed of a 6 oz. Nomex(R) IIIA that provides anti-static, flame resistant barrier
    • High-wear areas are strategically reinforced with leather to provide improved service life
    • Easily detached from the Immersion and Thermal Modules
    • Can be worn separately as a flight suit
  2. Immersion Module
    • Maximizes thermal and immersion protection by incorporating the CCSTM Closed Comfort System with GORE-TEX(R) BEST DEFENCE fabric
    • A vertical waterproof relief zipper is designed to facilitate both male and female crew members
    • Provides a stirred (calm) water Clo value of 0.78 (when integrated with the Outer Shell and Thermal Liner)
  3. Thermal Liner
    • Constructed of our breathable closed-cell foam, with a liner that is engineered with multiple apertures, and quilted using a wicking fabric and thread designed to pull excess moisture vapor away from the wearer's body
A simplified interconnection system between components facilitates assembly and disassembly, minimizing "down-time" when performing routine cleaning, maintenance, or repairs.  And all these features lead to life-cycle cost savings when compared to traditional dry suits for flight crews.

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