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Hoist Operator Safety Vest
Hoist Operator Safety Vest

Hoist Operator Safety Vest

Part Number: AVS-1075
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The safety vest is worn to retain the hoist operator inside of the aircraft.


 Safety tether is 3.5 ft. to 7 ft.

 750 lbs. proof load

 Quick to don with four-point front closure and two leg straps

 Approved Bell Helicopter supplier (Bell P/N: 214-070-321-101)

 Meets Mil-R-8592/2 specifications

 Light weight and fire retardant treated nylon

One size fits most.

PN: AMTC USA-101   

NSN: 1680-00-982-9973

The Hoist Operator Safety Vest is quite a rare item to find because it is an approved bell helicopter supplier that is in very good condition. In turn, the vest is able to serve as an excellent additional source of protection to put on when the hoist operator in the aircraft needs to be secured. Although it is approximately 750 pounds proof load and consists of only one size, the size generally fits most and the vest it still feels pretty light-weight for the most part when put on.In terms of some additional features, the vest consists of four point front closure as well as two-leg straps, a has a safety tether that is about 3.5-7 feet long and adjustable theaters, and also has fire retardant nylon construction. The Mil-spec webbing as well as hardware utilized in this vest will truly prove to be beneficial when operating outside the aircraft.

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