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Helmet Repair Work Sheet - SPH / HPH /and Similar Models
Work Sheet - sound protective helmets

Helmet Repair Work Sheet - SPH / HPH /and Similar Models

Part Number: AVS-1055
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Please review the Links provided below in the Tab labeled Description. The First Link listed (SPH / HPH Parts section from our website page) is the pricing on parts and will give you an estimate for the SPH, HPH and Similar Models cost for repairs. The Second Link (Helmet Repair Worksheet) is the Helmet Repair Worksheet Form. Please use this link to print the Repair form. Helmet must be mailed to our office address with this form included so you can receive a formal quote with evaluation.

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Click the Link Below :  

Helmet Repair Worksheet 

Click the Link Below :  

* Repair Form - Once completed, filled out, and printed; We ask that you send us the form with your helmet to our facility. Our office address is listed below : 

Aviation Survival, LLC  
274 West Drive
Melbourne, Fl. 32904
*Please feel free to stop by, visit our facility and personally drop off your form and helmet . All we ask is for you to call ahead. Our office number is listed below: 
 Office Phone Number : (321) 821- 4724 

Work sheet for repair. Please Check the boxes for an estimate of the repair your helmet requires and use the first link as a guide to what your cost would be. Print form and include it with your helmet. Send both to our office address.

Aviation Survival has a complete repair facility and we stock parts for a first class repair and or rebuild of your HPH / Phoenix / Government Sales helmet and Gentex.

Aviation Survival offers Helmet Shell replacement with an Approved Phoenix Shell that is not prone to cracking with everyday wear and tear of your helmet.  All shells have a 5 year warranty for non impact structure cracks.

Legal disclosure:  Aviation Survival in not associated with Gentex or any of their distributors and does not represent themselves as a Factory Authorized Repair Center.  We do not use Gentex factory parts in the repair of your helmet and use only commercially available parts from companies such as David Clark, Acousticom, Astrocom, etc.

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