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HI-VIZ Slide-Lok Rescue Hook
HI-VIZ Slide-Lok Rescue Hook

HI-VIZ Slide-Lok Rescue Hook

Part Number: AV1717
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Added visibility means added safety

The new high visibility Slide-Lok hook from Capewell Aerial Systems is an idea whose time has come. This new hook features the same fail-safe design that has made the Slide-Lok hook a preferred rescue hook for search & rescue organizations and militaries worldwide—but with an added measure of safety. The durable neon yellow coating makes this hook easy to see even in the toughest conditions. And the sliding lock mechanism is coated in contrasting bright orange—making it easy to find and operate. This new hook stands out in all weather conditions and is also highly visible under water. The Slide-Lok mechanism is easily operated with one hand—even with heavy gloves. This hook exceeds the US Mil Spec and is compatible with all helicopter hoist systems.


• Forged from 17-4 stainless steel

• 3,000 pound working load limit

• Streamlined design eliminates snag hazards

• Large capacity: accommodates multiple carabiners, v-rings, etc

• Fully functional whether locked or unlocked

• Lock mechanism operates with one hand

• Compatible with all rescue hoists

• Hi-visibility coating for added safety

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