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EVO 152 with Carbon Fiber Visor Cover

Part Number: AVS-1053
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The EVO 152 is an outer lenses helmet with one Visor. This helmet is recommended for individuals who wear prescription glasses, but also want to have an outer visor system for eye protection. Helmet offers the same features as the 252 but without the internal lens.

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EVO 152

The trusty EVO 152 is a single visor helmet that is sure to protect you from any possible elements you might encounter. Its lightweight shell construction guarantees comfort and protection using a combination of kevlar and fiberglass. You will be able to communicate with ease with the EVO 152’s microphone and communication cables. For an extra $260, your new helmet can be equipped with Bluetooth Airplane capabilities! Like many of our other helmets, EVO 152 is fully customizable, making it easy to pick your helmet’s finish and lens colors, among other options. Choose from grey, yellow, or clear colors for your lens so you can see as clearly as possible on your missions. For extra protection for your eyes, you can choose from chrome, ice, and jade gradients for your lens. These helmets come in medium to extra-extra large sizes, which can be determined using our convenient online sizing chart.

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