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David Clark Model M-7 / DC Microphone
David Clark M-7/DC Microphone

David Clark Model M-7 / DC Microphone

Part Number: AVS-2007
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David Clark M-7/DC Microphone for General Aviation Helmets and Head Sets

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Fits all of David Clark Electret WIRE Boom Style Headsets

This microphone can be used with modern General Aviation Aircraft.

This is a capacitor type microphone designed for use on a headband type headset or in use in a pressure type oxygen mask. The microphone is waterproof and is intended to provide audio communications under high noise conditions found in military, civilian and general aviation aircraft.

This microphone is uniquely redesigned to withstand rain and other enviromental water issues. Not suggested to be submerged underwater for more then 5 seconds.

The microphone is designed and constructed from quality durable high strength ABS plastic as well as corrosion resistant metals meeting or exceeding the environmental, durability and interchangeability requirements of RTCA/DO-214.(Not Certified)

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