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Comet Offshore Distress Kit
Offshore Distress Kit

Comet Offshore Distress Kit

Part Number: AVS-151
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These pyrotechnic distress signals conform to global specifications and are approved by the United States Coast Guard.

Designed for use when sailing more than 7 miles from land
Will pinpoint your position by day or night
Supplied in a tough, buoyant, waterproof, wide-mouth poly bottle

The Offshore Distress Kit is suitable for use on commercial and recreational boats that travel more than seven miles offshore.

Packed in a 12-litre Poly Bottle, Offshore Distress Kits include:

  • 4 Red Handflares;
  • 4 Parachute Red Rockets; and
  • 2 Lifesmokes.

Hazmat Fees Apply to this Kit


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