3 Marine Life Raft Safety Standards You Should Remember

Life rafts are not something you can buy off the fly. Owning and operating a life raft requires you to know what you are doing. This necessity is why there are many life raft safety standards put into place for life raft operators. Chapter III of the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) introduces many such practices. This chapter lays out the importance of safety equipment on boats, such as life rafts.

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Suppose you want to learn about the SOLAS Chapter III requirements. Unfortunately, you don't have the time to read the entire chapter. There is no need to worry! Here are some of the most critical parts of this marine life raft safety document. You will be thankful you knew some of these crucial standards.

Float-Free Arrangements

When you have a raft, you need to ensure that it is available to you immediately when you need it the most. This immediacy is why SOLAS Chapter III requires that you arrange your rafts. What this term means is that each raft should deploy or inflate as soon as it is necessary. Make sure your rafts are accessible and can inflate immediately.

Individual Deployment

Setting off all your life rafts at once could result in chaos on deck. While you might be panicking, releasing or inflating all rafts at the same time can damage the crafts. Not only that, but the sudden impact could severely injure bystanders. This potential for damage is why a manual, individual release is necessary for each float. By allowing the rafts to inflate one at a time, you can reduce your stress during a difficult time.

Ease of Launch

Nobody wants to have their ship go overboard. Unfortunately, there is a chance that it could happen. This possibility is why manufacturers specially make some rafts for overboard launching. Each of these rafts should be easy to carry, transfer, and throw. You should not have to worry about having an inconvenient raft when you should be getting to safety.

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