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2 Piece Nomex 4.5 Flight Suit
2 Piece Nomex flight suit

2 Piece Nomex 4.5 Flight Suit

Part Number: AV383
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Hot Weather flight suit for desert and tropical climates

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2 Piece Nomex 4.5 Flight Suit

Nomex Flight suits - Helicopter Helmet's CWU-27/P Style 2 Piece Flight suits are identical
to the currently issued CWU-27/P, but is available in a functional two piece
design. Aircrew members tell us our flight suits are much more functional
than the traditional flightsuit. And what a relief to be able to take off the top.
Military-specification, producer-dyed fabric and zippers
Made from 4.5oz NOMEX® fiber
Zipper chest pockets
Zipper thigh pockets
Round collar
Button pants with belt loops and waist tabs
Zipper sleeve pocket with cover
Knife pocket
Nametag hook-and-loop fastener
One-inch hook-and-loop fastener waist tabs
Hook-and-loop fastener sleeve tabs
Two-way front zipper
Zipper leg closures
Pleated action back
Zipper leg pockets
Feature 6
Lead time is 3 weeks for the 2 Piece Flight suit.  Colors available are Tan, Sage Green, Black and Royal Blue.  Pants and Shirt can be ordered in different sizes.

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