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 Pelican Storm iM3200 M4 SF Case (Color: BLACK)
Pelican Storm iM3200 M4 SF Case

Pelican Storm iM3200 M4 SF Case (Color: BLACK)

Part Number: AV1178
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Pelican iM3200 with Custom Foam for Assault Rifle

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This specialized rugged weapons case comes made with custom foam to comfortably fit any assault rifle safely and discreetly.  Trust that this versatile case will keep your weaponry safely and discreetly protected, wherever it is stored. The versatile body comes equipped with an O-ring waterproof shell, and is completely chemical resistant, corrosion resistant, airtight, watertight, dustproof and crushproof for advanced storage anywhere. Make sure your contents stay safe with a vortex pressure equalization valve, and impact absorbing corners. For ease of transportation, the pelican storm iM3200 MF SF Case comes complete with two rugged polyurethane wheels, and two carrying handles for ease of transport. Once it is where it needs to be, keep it’s contents safe with two padlock hasps. 

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